Selasa, 4 Oktober 2011


slamt tinggl FB,slamat tinggl BLOG,slamat tinggl TAGGED,slamat tinggl twiterr...aku da xnk idup dengan dunia internet lagi..aku bosan dengn perasaan ak..mngkin dengan cara nie aq boleh jd lebih tenang..sbb ak xkn tau ape yg dye bwt,ape yg sibukkan sngt..kadang2 aq letihh..aku letih sngt2..zaman semakin maju,dunia semakin adakah kita perlu terlalu taksub dengn nya??...tidak sama sekali!!mmg la...LIFE IS LIKE A COINS,U CAN SPEND IT ANY WAY U WISH BUT U CAN ONLY SPEND IT ONCE...i dont have to spend it here..somebody make me soo dam happy with my life..but some day..i swear im gonna cry,i just sick to be tough..just put 1 goal in your life...stick and try to make it happen..then u can set another goal..that the live goes on...if u chase two rabbits..u will lose them both..belive me u will,i dont want one that love one doing that...if i one of the rabbit..i shall not run,so u can catch me..but,sometimes..u run for the another staying!cacth me! gonna stay here..i hope u turn back,im just a rabbit..i cant talk,so please hear me your heart,u will hear me..before u go far enough until i cant c u..but,im gonna stay here..i just hope when u tired chasing..u will turn back and c me..u will open your heart and hear me talk..and i just hope,the day will come..although the waits kills me,im gonna smile..:),because...i doing the right things..i wont regret...but, dont tough as u c pretend to be heart is drowing..2 days more before i close my eyes..i wont mad at u anymore..just open your heart and hear me up..i just dont wanna lost u because of my over 2 days more until i leave the WEB world..THIS IS MY LAST farewell..